Essentially, metaphysics is the language of intelligence, capable of formulating first principles or relations between the Absolute and the relative in an ultimate way, through transparency to itself (Borella). Intelligence is a mirror in which the (Platonic) Ideas are reflected, the encounter of intelligibility between intelligible reality and intelligence. It is thus through intelligence, metaphysical by nature, that man knows the real beyond the intelligible, because he abandons the intelligible in favor of the real, he renounces the concept in favor of the object of which the concept was only the image. But that’s not all: intelligence being reception, the essential thing is the emitted and the emitter. What is emitted and comes from the Logos, the Word in Christian language, is called logoï. Everyone has this metaphysical experience, without always being aware of it; it happens when the intelligence agrees to close its eyes (St. Denys the Areopagite) to what is, in any case, above the eyes (Malebranche).